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Metal Pesado - Festering Earth

Launched in Brazil for the stamp Sonic Death Records the this is the album of estréia of the Americans of the Funerus who are in the active since the 1990 beginning. After some changes in line-up and one soon pause, quarteto if stabilized with Brad Heiple (guitar, vocal and founding of the Funerus), Jill McEntee (low), Kyle Severn (battery) and John McEntee, these 2 last ones being of the Incantation band .

The sound of the Funerus if characterizes for death metal old school, what already it could expect, for the pair of integrant of the enclosed Incantation in the formation of the band.

record is extremely brutal and it does not give pra to be without beating head no way. The bands of that if they sobressaem are: "Dnr" with much weight and aggressiveness, "Stagnant Seas" for having a very interesting footprint and violentíssima "Festering Earth" is one of the bands more fuck of the record and is typical of some very good bands that already classic in underground had become. Festering Earth also detonates still has in the record the bands In the Trees, Suffering Life, Nebulouss Existence, Polluted Excess, Shade and Web of Deceit. this compact disc well is produced, mainly in the graphical art, format digi pack and with a different layer of the version lassoed in U.S.A. in short, the band is very good, touches one death metal that sounds as that record of the beginning of the 90. decade of valley the penalty to give one drawn in this sound. For Ronaldo Padula