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Eye of Shiva - Festering Earth

Formed for Brad Heiple (vocal guitars and) John Mcentee (gu itarras) and Kyle Severn (battery) both also members of the Incantation and Jill Mcentee (low) the North Americans of the Funerus have as proposal to touch a Death Metal well heavy, aggressive, with cadenciadas tickets, fast, as they made bands of the saudoso Eighties. E what we see, or better saying, we hear in this album "Festering Earth" is accurately this, well nostalgic musics, with a footprint sufficiently influenced by bands in the line Old School! This album has nine musics, amongst which they deserve prominence "Stagnant Seas", "Suffering Life", "Shade", "Web of Deceit" and "Festering Earth" that intitles and finishes the record! Fudido! Valley the penalty to confer!

Funerus is composed by Brad Heiple (vocal & guitars), John Mcentee (guitars), and Kyle Severn (drums) all them Incantation members, plus Jill Mcentee in the bass. These American guys (and girl) play fucking heavy and aggressive Death Metal. The music has got both fast and slow parts, just people used you play in the good 80's. "Festering Earth" you eat with nostalgic and old school sounding. It's got sings to sleep to killer tracks, and here ploughs adds good ones: " Stagnant Seas ", "Suffering Life", "Shade", "Web of Deceit", and "Festering Earth". They kick ass! It's totally worth getting your CoPy of "Festering Earth"!