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Born to Die

Every, who else does not it know this band, he should quickly, to make up for arrears. It therefore, that it plays in him, several well-known musicians, there now therefore, that they assembled considerable portion of solid music. Old death metal, reliable and kicking after ass!

Hell-o Jill! First off, congratulations with your first official release. FUNERUS really, be able to kick to ass, in old very good style.

Thanks alot!

FUNERUS is not young band, but there now many maniax, till then while, it had not the remoted idea about your existence. In 1994 you recorded rehearsal demo, and then, hearing about you got lost. What have you been doing in all these years?

Well first of all, back then it was a different line up. It was Brad Heiple on guitar/vocals, Jason Foust on drums and myself on bass. I think we recorded the demo in late 1993, and it began to circulate in the underground in early 1994. We started playing some shows and things started to happen for us. Just when I thought things were starting to look good for us as a band, Brad decided to leave. Jason and I tried to keep things going with the band, we had played with a few other guitar players, but things just didn't work out. Jason and I evenyually lost contact and I believe he moved many hours away from my area. I did put the band back together at one point with a whole new line up back in 1998 and did one show, but it just didn't seem right to me. That was it for the band until we ressurected Funerus with John and Kyle. As far as what I was doing over the years, I went back to college, finished school, met John McEntee and got married, among many other things.

"Festering Earth" contains all the songs from your 1994 4-track demo, but interested me, how old are remaining songs? Were Kyle and John also involved in the songwriting process of these songs?

Yes, the newer songs on the cd were pretty much a collaboration from all of us. Those songs are about 2 years old now, because Festering Earth was released a year ago now. But the other 4 songs on the cd are about 12 years old, hahahaha. Damn, thats so fucked up to think about that!

You know, many peoples ask me, whether FUNERUS is second band John, that your and Brad? You can explain the every bit of it, for holy quiet?

Funerus is not a side project, we are our own band. Yes alot of people call us an "Incantation side project", but if this was true, how could we have been a band before I even knew John and Kyle? I hope that clears things up.

On "Festering Earth", you created death metal in old style. Today, young band wants to sound modern, and to create very technical music. But FUNERUS it stands up in opposition to this bands. Do you still find it interesting to play the old stuff, which is rather primitive, and don't you feel the need to write music on a higher level? You think, that fans want still listen music like yours?

No I don't feel the need to write or play more technical music.Brad and I loved the early 90's Swedish death metal and that is what mostly influenced Funerus. Plus bands like Bolt Thrower and Rottrevore. We aren't interested in trying to fill up every second of the song with a blast beat or some ridiculously fast riff. I think there are still metallers out there that still enjoy music like what we do, alot of reviews we get say the style we do is actually refreshing in a way to go back to this sylte of old school metal, because not alot of bands do it anymore.

Say me Jill, why John McEntee (your husband) and Kyle Severern, they added to FUNERUS? With reason of the good musicians' lack, whether for elevation of quality FUNERUS music? Say me too, how this is, to be wife such music how John?

To answer the first question, John and I had been married for about a year and a half. I had put Funerus to rest years before that. John and Kyle both really liked the Funerus demo and when they were at our house rehearsing Incantation material, they would ask me to jam out the Funerus songs with them. But I would never do it. Finally one day they talked me into it, I got my bass out, and John, Kyle and I played a few of the old demo songs. It sounded so killer, and it felt great to be playing the songs again, especially sounding so heavy with John's guitar tone. We all just knew we had to continue doing something with the band. We got ahold of Brad, the original guitarist/vocalist to see if he wanted to be a part of the band again, and he did. So thats how it all happened. As seasoned musicians, John and Kyle have brought alot to the band. They've provided experience, guidance, excellent musicianship, and so much more. Of course they help the quality of Funerus, there's no way they couldn't. They bring so much to the table. Being married to John is great, I completely respect and support what John does. We have a very good relationship.

Why did Brad decide to leave the band some years ago? It lacked him in band beliefs, and success FUNERUS?

No it really had nothing to do with not believing in the band or the success, nothing like that. I think what it was that his musical tastes at the time started to change and his heart really wasn't into anymore at the time. He played in different bands, I'm not even sure what kind, I'm gonna guess and say one of them was like a straight-edge? type band, I'm not sure. But he never stopped liking metal.

"Festering Earth", you put on Ibex Moon Records, John label? Why exactly this label? Only therefore, that you have under control all matters connected with promotion? I know, that Ibex Moon Records, put stuff ESTUARY. Are you going to put out other music too, and what bands are you looking for?

We decided to go the route of Ibex Moon Records because John wanted to start his record label around that time anyways, and what better release to start with. It basically all fell into place and so far it's been great. So far Ibex Moon Records has released the Funerus cd, Estuary, Bloody Sign from France, and coming up will be releases from Incrust from Brazil, Thornafire from Chile, North American releases of Hell-Bourn and Supreme Lord.

Style of FUNERUS, is style of old school swedish sounding death metal. What is interesting in music such swedish old school? Bands from USA, they reach seldom, after European inspirations...

To me it's just a no brainer. I enjoy playing the style that I loved from that era. We aren't trying to rip anyone off, or sound like anyone exactly in particular. Funerus just plays how we want to play, and we try to get the heaviest low end sound as possible. I don't know why other U.S. bands aren't more influenced by old school European bands, but it's really none of my business.

You recorded the album at x studio in Erie. It was produced by Louis Lombardozzi, Deanna Visale, and John. Why there, and how looks your session? What funny events?

At the time Louis, or Sonny is his nickname, was working with Incantation as a guitarist. He had nice studio equipment and was getting more. He offered to record the cd, and we went with him and his studio. Him and Deanna are partners and she knows alot about the studio euipment too. Of course John has so much recording experience and he really knew how to get us the sound we were looking for. I really don't have any funny stories to report from the recording process, pretty much everything went smooth, it wasn't a huge stress.

How about new material, when can we expect new songs, and what can we expect? I must I to admit, that I am hungry your recordings he he.

We have some things in the works, you can expect the usual Funerus, low-end sewage. It's hard to say when we will record again, because Funerus does have to revolve it's schedule around Incantation's, and they will be busy next year since their new album just came out recently.

Last year, You played a full North American tour with Incantation and Disgorge. How did it go? Wasn't it strenuous for John and Kyle to play two shows on one night?

The tour was killer, we had a lot of fun! There were a few shows that had bad turnouts but overall it was good. The Mexico shows were great as always! As far as John and Kyle playing the 2 sets in one night, they are ok with it. They call the Funerus set their "warm up" set. Funerus only plays for half an hour anyways, so its not too bad on them.

If Incantation should tour Europe again in the future, will you also join them with FUNERUS? Was be great, see this both band on one stage!

I would love for this to happen. It would be very easy for any promoter to bring us over there with Incantation because the added expense would be very low. It's almost like getting 2 bands in one package. I'm sure something can happen in the future, we just need the oppurtunity to come by. We did do one fest in Italy in early 2004, but that was it for Europe. Thats was a great show!

What bands that play death metal and aren't well-known yet could you recommend us? I hear, that you like very much bands from old continent, and special from Holland.

Estuary is killer, Bloody Sign, Nema, Soulless, Eviscium, Serpents Aeon, Dawn of Azazel, Oni, to name a few. Yes Pestilence, early Gorefest, Sinister, Asphyx, Infinited Hate, Pentacle, Severe Torture, and Molested are all great bands. And how about the Siffle Chopes???

OK Jill, thats all this time. Rest of place and time, is only yours.

Thanks alot for the interview Skowron. To check out more on the band please visit our website at, for MP3's, reviews, photos, and more! Metal till death!

- Artur